5 Arrested By Huron Police New Year’s Eve


New Year’s Eve led to a steady night of work for officers with the Huron Police Department. Six officers worked as 2012 gave way to 2013. Officers made a total of 30 traffic stops which led to 19 citations, including speeding, reckless driving and DUI. Performance Radio News spend New Year’s Eve with Officer Sam Freng as he wrote the first ticket of 2013. He clocked a yellow Dodge pick-up going 57 miles and hour in the 45 mile an hour zone on U-S Highway 14 just before midnight and in making the stop noticed alcohol on the driver’s breath…


Freng appreciated the woman’s honesty but didn’t let her get away scott free…


Captain Paul Sides attempted to pull over a driver on suspicion of drunk driving, but the driver had other ideas…


The 52-year-old female driver was the third person arrested New Year’s Eve by Huron police on a charge of drunk driving. A passenger was cited for having an open container and the pick-up they were driving was impounded. Two more people were arrested early New Year’s Day following an incident, where the driver of a vehicle hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and ended up driving into the front of the Super X station at Ninth and Dakota.

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