Beeney Sentenced For Jerauld County Chase


A 45 year old Kansas man will spend at least two years in the South Dakota Penitentiary, but is looking at possibly far more. Charles Leroy Beeney was sentenced to two years for the chase that ultimately landed him in the Beadle County Jail. The same jail he broke away from early Tuesday morning. Beeney was first arrested December third on a charge in Jerauld County for aggravated eluding. He was accused of stealing fuel from a Jerauld County farm. He then leading authorities from Buffalo, Jerauld, Beadle, Sanborn and Hand Counties along with members of the South Dakota Highway patrol on a chase that ended with Beeney crashing a pick-up near Alpena. The two year sentence on the aggravated eluding charge included fines and court coasts. Beeney was loaded into a Jerauld County Sheiff’s S-U-V around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon for transport to Sioux Falls. Beadle County Sheriff Doug Solem joined Jerauld County Sheriff Jason Weber for the ride to prison. He will begin serving his sentence at the State Pen, while charges are official filed in Beadle County relating to the escape.

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