City Approves Signing Of Grant For Recycling Equipment


The Huron City Commission has given Mayor Dave McGirr the go-ahead to sign a Solid Waste Grant application intended to help the City of Huron purchase much needed pieces of the single stream recycling program scheduled to come on-line in Huron next Spring. Commissioner Kerwin Haeder…


The automated collection truck in the grant is placed at 265-thousand dollars. The grant also includes 2000, 65-gallon blue and yellow containers at a cost of 130-thousand dollars, management and customer accounts software for 20-thousand dollars, 10-thousand for the three-sided concrete bunker and 93-hundred for advertising and education programs for the recycling effort. Mayor Dave McGirr says the grant application had some items added to it…


If the grant is approved the City of Huron is hoping to have the recycling program up and running by the end of March or early April.

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