County Reminds Rural Residents To Consider Where They Move Snow


With enough snow on the ground to require moving, Beadle County Officials are reminding residents to watch where they place the white stuff. Residents are reminded they can not push snow into county road right-of-ways from their driveways. Right-of-ways are designed for traffic safety. Putting snow in a right-of-way could cause problems for snow plowing equipment operators. Extra snow in ditches can also lead to more drifting of future snow falls along roads and hard piles of snow along roadways can cause injuries to plow operators or the public if they collide with it, or cause damage to snow removal equipment. Putting snow in a right-of-way is a class two misdemeanor. In addition to any fines or possible jail time, Beadle County will charge 100 dollars per hour to the offender for removing the snow with a minimum charge of 100 dollars.

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