Distracted Driving Ordinance Gets The Go-Ahead


The Huron City Commission is moving forward with an ordinance to curb distracted driving in the city. Huron Police Chief Gary Will, Jr. presented a recommendation from the Public Safety Committee…


The ordinance would be primary offense for those under 18 or with an instructional permit and for bus drivers when the bus has passengers on board….


Will made it clear to the Commission that talking and driving would still be allowed, if it wasn’t causing you to commit a primary violation. Mayor Dave McGirr had questions about the restrictions placed on younger drivers…


McGirr also questioned making it a secondary offense…


McGirr also added that he believes the South Dakota Legislature will take action this year on a statewide distracted driving or texting ban because of the number of cities that have looked into such laws. The Huron City Commission will bring a slightly amended version of Monday night’s proposed ordinance up for first reading next week. Sioux Falls has not written a ticket for texting while driving since it’s ordinance has been in place since the end of September. Mitchell abandoned the idea in lieu of the Legislature possibly taking action this winter and Watertown has also looked into the issue. You can hear the full 42 minute conversation on the distracted driving ordinance by checking out the audio player here:distracted driving

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