Ford To Return The HPD Garage


The award winning design of the Huron Police Department’s police cars will soon be wrapped around a different style of vehicle. The Huron City Commission approved a bid to purchase two Ford Police Interceptor, four-door sedans from Schoenhard Ford. City Engineer Mike Wever says Ford is giving Huron the chance to by local…


Wegner Auto in Pierre had been the supplier of the department’s current fleet of Dodge Chargers. Mayor Dave McGirr says the Capital Assets Committee looked at the brand switch two weeks ago…


Sioux Falls and Rapid City have Ford Interceptors in their police fleets. The cars will not go into police use right away….


The Ford Police Interceptor is specifically built for law enforcement use and is not available for purchase by the public It is not modeled after a specific Ford vehicle. The Dodge Chargers used now by the Huron Police Department are identical to Chargers purchased for civilian use. The Police Interceptor is Ford’s replacement for the Crown Victoria, which has been discontinued by Ford. The cars include all-wheel drive and have ballistic panels in the driver door for officer safety.

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