Governor’s Primary Care Task Force Gives Final Report


The Governor’s Primary Care Task Force has given its final report to Governor Dennis Daugaard.  The group was set up to look at the state’s health care delivery system, and recommend changes, including that health education programs work more closely together and that rural training opportunities be expanded.  Dr. Roberta Olson, Dean of the Nursing College at South Dakota State University was on the committee, and says they are looking at ways to better aborate…

Roberta Olson 1220a

Olson says they also want to see a permanent coordinating committee…

Roberta Olson 1220b

Olson says local support is also critical, and there are some areas seeing that now…

Roberta Olson 1220c

The group also focused on recruitment and retention in rural areas. The task force has been meeting since May.

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