Housing Officials, Landlords In Favor Of Proposed Rental Unit Registration Ordinance


Landlords and housing officials applauded the City of Huron’s efforts to gain control of sub-standard housing in the City. The Huron City Commission hosted a work session Monday night to gain input into a draft ordinance, that will come up for first reading before the City Commission in two weeks. The ordinance would require rental units to be registered and inspected with the City Mark Heuston with James Valley Housing says Huron’s housing shortage is bad enough on it’s own let alone, the quality of what’s available…


The proposed ordinance would call for┬árental units to be inspected every three years. The City would be divided into three zones for inspection. Registration of a rental unit would be vaild for three years and as proposed would cost 20-dollars per structure and two dollars per rental unit within the sturcture. And while all in attendance believe the changes are needed, Roger Chase with the Huron Housing Authority said it will be a cost, passed down to renters…


Landlord Jeni Hofer wanted to know if the city could do something with owner occupied homes that are in ill-repair. Mayor Dave McGirr says that is harder to address….


Facilities covered by state inspections would be exempt from the registration ordinance.

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