Huron Drug Dog On Patrol


Seven weeks of hard work, bonding and training were put on display to local media members Wednesday as the Huron Police Department held a demonstration of Cody, the department’s drug detecting canine. Officer Derek Layher is Cody’s handler…


Cody is a nearly three year old Belgian Malinois from Holland, who has already seen action since being offically put into service…


Layher wears a different style of uniform than other officers that makes hair removal easier and has embroidered name plates and badges to avoid injuring the dog and damage to equipment. Layher also has a specially modified patrol car…


Layher believes simply having Cody will be a deterant for people to think before accessing drugs. You can hear more from Layher about his training and experience with Cody by listening to the interview posted below. We have videos posted of the demonstration searches done for the media posted on the Performance Radio News page on Facebook.  cody interview

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