Huron Man Admonished In Court For Treatment Of Lawyers


A 36-year-old Huron man drew the ire of Circuit Judge Jon Erickson during his court appearance Tuesday morning. Timothy Reed is charged with single counts each of stalking-domestic abuse, aggravated assault-domestic abuse and violation of conditional bond. Court documents indicate Reed is accused of the stalking charge between October of 2011 and July of 2012. Aggravated assault-domestic abuse on November 25th and the conditional bond charge on November 26th. Reed appeared without an attorney and attempted the talk to Erickson about the charges when Erickson scolded Reed for his treatment of two court-appointed lawyers. Reed’s verbal abuse of attorney Ron Volesky during a hearing in court, led Volesky to request his removal from Reed’s case. Erickson replaced Voleskey with Kent Shelton. Erickson said in court. Reed was confrontational and abusive to staff at Shelton’s office. Erickson told Reed he would have to look long and hard to find a lawyer willing to represent Reed. Reed said he would represent himself in a jury trial, to which Erickson grilled Reed’s knowledge of the law, asking what made Reed think he knew more about the law than Volesky and Shelton. Reed’s next court hearing is January 29th.

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