Huron To Use Two Towing Vendors In 2013


A Lincoln Auto wrecker busy on New Year’s Eve

The City of Huron will use two towing vendors in 2013. Commissioner Mark Robish brought a proposal to the Huron City Commission to use Lincoln Auto Salvage and Rudy’s Towing and Repair on a rotating basis…


Robish proposed a rotating schedule for towing services at the City Commission’s year end meeting on December 31st. The proposal was defeated when Commissioner Kerwin Haeder wondered about the City not using the Request for Proposal process used for most other city vendor needs, and required for contracts costing 25-thousand dollars or more. Nearly two weeks later, Haeder still carried his objections to having two towing vendors….


Evidence cars, or vehicles towed that are used as evidence in criminal investigations are to be towed, per the agreement to Lincoln Auto’s secured area regardless of which towing company hauls the vehicle.  The proposal was approved on a three to one vote with Haeder voting against and Mayor Dave McGirr abstaining from the vote due to a conflict of interest.

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