Low 70’s For Voter Turn-Out In Many Locations


Voter turn out around South Dakota in Tuesday’s election was 68-point-31 percent and the numbers in Beadle County were even better. 69-point-three percent of the 10-thousand-660 registered voters in the county made their way to polling places yesterday. The highest turn-out in the county was 82-point-69 percent at the Byron Bible Camp location. The lowest was 60-point-nine in Ward 2 at the Huron Arena.  Kingsbury County saw a voter turn-out of 75-point34 percent Other area county voter turn out numbers included 74-percent in Buffalo and Hand Countiesy. 71-percent in Clark and Spink Counties. 69-percent in Davison, Sanborn and Miner Counties. 72-percent in Hyde County.and 75-percent in Jerauld County

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