Salvation Army Christmas Basket Concludes Tonight


Tonight is the final evening for the Salvation Army’s Christmas Food Basket program. The running total for pledges coming into the grand finale is 27-thousand 44 dollars. Program host Ken Linblad mentioned during the broadcast last night that they are near a record pace for pledge donations. Final totals of money donated is usually much higher than the pledged amount. Performing tonight at the Huron High School Auditorium are the Holy Trinity Choir of Angels, the Noteworthy Strings, Mount Olivet Church Group and the James Valley Christian School Band. You can view the program for the final time in 2012 live at the High School Auditorium, there is free admission or listen tonight on 1210-AM KOKK. The Salvation Army reminds you that if you have made a pledge to please send that pledge to the Salvation Army, P-O Box 1362, Huron, South Dakota 57350 Please write on the check or envelope, Christmas Basket Program, to insure the money is placed in the proper account.

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