Salvation Army Continues To Collect Funds From Christmas Basket


The Salvation Army in Huron is continuing to collect money from the annual Christmas Basket Program. Christmas Basket Program spokesman Ken Linblad says they are fortunate that the money behind the pledges are coming through…


Money not used for Christmas food baskets stays with the Salvation Army for use on food for the remainder of the year. Linblad says they need that money for a very good reason…


This morning the deadline for the Angel Tree was extended to Saturday, December 15th…


Angel Tree gift cards can be found at K-Mart in the Huron Mall and the studios of Performance Radio at 1726 Dakota Avenue South. Gifts can be returned to those locations unwrapped. Linblad says anyone wishing to help with the Christmas Food Basket distribution is encouraged to do so…


Those who still have to send in pledges made during the 64th annual Christmas Basket Program or want to add to the 40-thousand dollar total can do so by mailing the pledge to The Salvation Army, P-O Box 1362, Huron, South Dakota 57350 or deliver it in person to the Salvation Army at 239 Illinois Ave Southwest. Please mark on the check or envelope, Christmas Basket Program.

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