Green Light Given To Golf Cart Use In Huron

The Huron City Commission Monday night gave final approval to an ordinance governing the operation of golf carts in Huron. City Attorney Gerry Kaufmann confirmed for Commissioners that even state licensed gas-powered carts can’t be used on state routes throught the city…


Commissioner Kerwin Haeder thought one final addition should be made to the ordinance…


Mayor Dave McGirr agreed…


Golf carts to be operated on city streets in Huron need to have a licensed driver, insurance and a slow-moving vehicle emblem on the back. Carts propery equiped with night driving gear, such as lights, mirrors and a horn maybe be used a half hour before and after the sun is up. Huron’s ordinance is one of the first, if not THE first in the State related to golf cart use after the Legislature passed the law in last year’s session.

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