South Dakota Tornado Featured On "StormChasers" Tonight

This chart show the pressure drop of the Manchester Tornado from June 24th, 2003 registered by Tim Samara's "Turtle Probe"

The TV program “Storm Chasers” will air tonight on the Discovery Channel and a tornado that struck the Bowdle area on May 22nd was featured some on last week’s episode and will see more time this week. Tim Samaras with Twistex, was one of those that made the trip to the area to chase during the storm and remembers the day…


Samaras also explains the purpose is for his group to chase tornados…

Tim Samaras with a "Turtle Probe" similar to one used in the chase of the F-4 Manchester Tornado on Tornado Tuesday June 24th 2003


From that they hope to provide a piece of understanding as to why tornadoes form, why some storms produce them, as well as wind information. Samaras and his team were able to deploy a new instrument in the Bowdle tornado to collect wind speeds at several different heights…


Storm Chasers airs tonight at 9 on the Discovery Channel. One of Samaras’ “Turtle Probes” recorded the lowest air pressure drop ever, on June 24th 2003, or Tornado Tuesday, when the then rated F-4 Manchester tornado passed over the equipment, north of  the town.

(courtesy of Hub City Radio, Aberdeen)

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