5% Cuts To Education And Providers Parts Of Rounds Final Budget

Governor Mike Rounds laid out for the final time his baseline budget for legislators to work from in the upcoming lawmaking session. Rounds says weaning the state off federal stimulus monies is one of many challenges facing the 2011 budget. Rounds says his plan includes more than just cuts in departments and programs….


And just how much is South Dakota sitting on for what Rounds calls a “rainy day?”…


The outgoing governor wants lawmakers to use those funds to fill in a 14 million dollar pothole in what’s left in this years budget. Rounds says the outlook for the 2012 budget is not any better…


Five percent cuts to education and providers are also a part of the Governor’s budget outline. Rounds also noted that revenues from video lottery games have dipped as much as 20-percent since voters inacted the statewide smoking ban in November.

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