Salvation Army Christmas Basket Raises New Record

The 2010 Salvation Army Christmas Basket Program has set an all-time record for actual money received during its 62 year history.  Following a record high 36-188 dollars in pledges during the four night telethon on Performance Radio’s KOKK and the Huron Tiger Network, the Salvation Army actually received 45-670 dollars 46 cents in donations.  The previous record was set in 2009 with 39-thousand 963 dollars raised.  The Salvation Army in the Huron area was able to supply Christmas food baskets to 182 families in need this past holiday season.  That breaks down to 693 individuals of which 399 are children.  The remainder of the money raised will go to support the Salvation Army’s food pantry and support those in need well into the new year.  Nearly 800 pledges were made and a number of others donated anonymously after the Christmas basket program was over.

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