Area Towns Break Yearly Precipitation Records

207th Street Southeast of Wessington remained covered in water in late August after heavy rains in early Spring. Wessington had 19 more inches of precip in 2010 than normal breaking the record

Significant rainfall was a hallmark of 2010 and a number of area town saw precipitation records fall last year. Wessington Springs received 41-point 36 inches of precip last year breaking it’s record by over 7 inches. The normal precip is about 22 inches and that is 182-percent over normal. Howard in Miner County picked up 38-point 15 inches last year. That broke the record by 2 inches. Howard normally sees 22-point-38 inches which is 170-percent over normal. Forestburg in Sanborn County got 37-point-4 inches of snow and rain in 2010. Normal precipitation is almost 21 and a half inches. It broke a record by 6-tenths of an inch.  Forestburg had 172 and half percent more precip this year than normal and that was with missing information on November and December snowfall. Also missing precip number from the last two months of the year is Wessington. The Beadle-Hand County border town got 35 inches of rain and surpassed its old record of 19-inches by just over 2 inches or 179-percent of normal  Normal precipitation for Wessington is about 19 inches


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