DeSmet Student Jailed For Threats On Facebook

A DeSmet High School Student sits in the Beadle County Jail today charged with making terroristic threats after a number of alarming posts on her Facebook page were discovered. Eighteen-year-old Melissa Rae Kruger was arrested by Kingsbury County Sheriff Kevin Scotting on a simple assault charge after being called to DeSmet High School on Wednesday. One of the posts said quote…”If they understood me, they wouldn’t talk to me. I’m at a low everyone. I know the consequences, but apparently I don’t care. Don’t go to school. I might not feel different after a night of planning” endquote. According to his report, Scotting contacted Kruger’s mother Patty Wilson, then contacted Community Counseling Services in Huron to have a staff member evaluate Kruger before the Sheriff interviewed her. During the interview Kruger says she was depressed, bored and not feeling well in general. She also said she wouldn’t take a gun to school and didn’t think she would ever hurt anyone. A court appearance for Kruger is scheduled for Monday in DeSmet.

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