Beadle County Dive And Rescue Team Join Nordby Center To Help The Backpack Program

The Beadle County Dive and Rescue Team is joining the Nordby Center for Recreation to help the Backpack Program in Huron tomorrow. For a donation of two cans of either beef stew, ravioli, spaghetti or the monetary equivalent of those items, Beadle County Dive Team member and Emergency Manager Tom Moeding says you can, experience what it’s like to scuba dive…


Moeding says divers can make the experience whatever they want it to be…


And you should come prepared…


Dive Team members will be in the water to help those giving the scuba experience a try. The scuba experience is available from one to 3 pm tomorrow at the Nordby Center for Recreation Pool. Participants must be at least 10 years old.

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