Full Audio Of The Public Forum At Wednesday Night's City Commission Meeting

The following audio clip is the public forum from Wednesday nights Huron City Commission meeting containing the public’s thoughts on Police Chief Doug Schmitt being placed on Administrative Leave by the City of Huron while the City Commission investigates Schmitt’s Comments to the South Dakota Legislature.  Due to issues with the sound recording equipment in the City Commission room portions of the audio were recorded by Performance Radio at a lower level than the rest.  We have worked to amplify the low parts of audio to make it easier to hear and apologize for the inconvenience…

[audio:http://prprt.itmwpb.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/688/2011/03/schmitt-support.mp3|titles=schmitt support]

Residents await the beginning of Wednesday Nights Huron City Commission meeting which ended up being standing room only

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