Huron Students To Compete In Pro Start Competition

Student Chefs from Huron will join teams from six other South Dakota schools on Tuesday in the fourth annual Pro Start Competition. The student teams will compete in the areas of culinary and business management. Pro Start is a two-year business management program. South Dakota is one of 47 states and territories which offer the curriculum to high schools. It features restaurant, food service and business courses linked with mentored work site experiences. In the culinary portion of the competition, each team will demonstrate their creative abilities through the preparation of a three-course gourmet meal. During the culinary competition, teams will be judged on product taste, work skills, safety, sanitation, knife skills, presentation, menu, and team cooperation. During the management portion of the competition, participating teams will demonstrate their knowledge of the restaurant and food service industry by developing a business proposal for a new restaurant concept. Teams prepare a comprehensive written proposal, verbal presentation and visual display, and will be tested on their critical thinking skills by reacting to potential management challenges related to their concept. The Pro Start Competition will be held at Mitchell Technical Institute on Tuesday, March 22. at 9:00 a.m. The competition is open to the public at no charge. Winning teams from both divisions will travel to Overland Park, Kansas next month to participate in a national competition.

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