Jackley Says Obama Hindering ICE With Immigration

The South Dakota Senate debated, but defeated an immigration enforcement measure this session. The bill would have allowed the state to levy fines against employers who knowingly hire and employ illegal immigrants.  Attorney General Marty Jackley says in the absence of that proposed law, the state can , and does work with federal immigration officials to deal with people who are in this country illegally….


Huron Police Chief Doug Schmitt was suspended from his job after testifying in support of the Senate bill.  Schmitt testified that he knows of one business that is hiring illegals, and in some cases, is providing documentation for them.  Jackley says there’s a reason federal officials aren’t “raiding” the business Schmitt cited…..


Jackley filed a “friend of the court” brief in support of an Arizona law that allows states to enforce immigration laws on their own.   That Arizona law is being challenged in court.

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