Huron To Begin Looking For New PD Head

Sen Craig Tieszen

Sen Craig Tieszen

The Huron City Commission begins the process tonight of replacing former police chief Doug Schmitt. The Commission accepted Schmitt’s retirement and resignation from the Huron Police Department last Thursday. Schmitt was placed on administrative leave while the Commission investigated comments he made on Senate Bill 156 which would have, if passed, fined businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Schmitt was asked to testify on the by the bill’s sponsor Rapid City Senator Craig Tieszen….


Tieszen says he didn’t have much direct contact with Schmitt while Schmitt was on leave from the City, but says Schmitt expressed concerns that he may be putting his 32-year law enforcement career on the line…


Tieszen is proud Schmitt made a stand…


Tieszen say illegal immigration is like to become a much larger issue for South Dakota…


The Huron City Commission will appoint an interm police chief at tonight’s City Commission meeting and begin the process of advertising for the position. The position will be posted within the police department itself.

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