Commission Approves Revocaton Recommendation To State On El Cuervo Liquor License

The Huron City Commission has passed a recommendation on to the South Dakota Secretary of Revenue to revoke the On-Off Sale Malt Beverage License of Werner Fajardo. Fajardo owns the Bar and Club El Cuervo in Huron, which has been at the center of recent criminal investigations involving minors, alcohol and alleged sex crimes including rape. Huron Police Chief Gary Will told the Commission that Fajardo has been indicted on multiple charges of rape, sexual contact with a minor and state alcohol violations…


Huron City Attorney Gerry Kaufman says the alcohol violations and not the sexual assault charges we’re the reasons the revocation issue came before the Commission…


There was no one in attendance to the public hearing who supported or opposed the City either recommending suspension or revocation of the license to the Revenue Department. A South Dakota wine license application filed by Fajardo was withdrawn in early December and the license under review for action by the Revenue Department is set to expire at the end of June

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