Mayor, City Attorney Deposed In Union's Investigation Of Un-Fair Labor Practices

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employee union has deposed Huron Mayor Dave McGirr and City Attorney Gerry Kaufman, to give statements regarding one of five unfair labor practice charges regarding at will employment with the City of Huron. Superintendent Dale Fortin and Human Resource Director Pat Schmidt were deposed Friday regarding other unfair labor practice charges. The city according to a press release from AFSCME Council 59 Executive Director Matt Miller, is blocking depositions on two other charges.The allegations range from the City of Huron imposing at will employment, coercing employees, denying employee rights to representation, and impeding investigations that are legally allowed by state law and the imposed collective bargaining agreement. The charges are filed with the State of South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation where Administrative Law Judges will hold hearings on the allegations and rule on the charges. In July of 2011 the City of Huron imposed over sixty working conditions upon city employees without agreement, some of which allowed supervisors to fire and terminate employees for any reason. Huron City Attorney Gerry Kaufman says in an e-mail request for comment quote “The City has denied and continues to deny the allegations in the unfair labor practices complaints filed by the AFSCME Union against the City and the City is taking approrpriate legal steps to refute the allegations” End Quote.

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