Nebelsick Says Opsal Pay Open To Public Since Last Year

The Huron School District is reacting to news reports that former Superintendent Ross Opsal is still being paid by the district. Current Superintendent Terry Nebelsick says the 10-thousand 916 dollars a month being paid to Opsal was easily accessable knowledge for the public…


The nearly 11-thousand dollar monthly payments are part of a sealed agreement Opsal reached with the School Board as a result of Opsals March 7th 2011 resignation. The District passed a one-year 750-thousand dollar opt-out resolution on January 23rd. A number of Huron residents have taken to social networks like Facebook expressing frustration over the appearance that the School Board is paying someone a lofty sum of money, to not work for the District. Nebelsick is not sure how the effects of the payments will impact the opinions of taxpayers…


Opsal has received 11 payments thus far and it is unknown when the payments may end due to the fact that information has been sealed and can not be opened unless agreed to by the parties involved.

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