Fajardo To Be In Court Tuesday

A court appearance has been scheduled for this morning in the Werner Fajardo case. Notice of the hearing came late Monday afternoon. Fajardo was last in court February 28th for a motions hearing. At that hearing Fajardo’s then-attorney Jeff Burns had requested to be recused from the case, after learning he had represented a possible witness in the case on another matter. Fajardo is charged with a number of sex offenses including multiple counts of rape. He is accused getting three young girls, ages 12 and 14 intoxicated and then having sex with them at the now closed El Cuervo Bar. Fajardo’s trial was set to start March 26th but that date was cancelled after Burns asked to be removed from the case. Fajardo is facing two criminal files one on the multiple sex crimes and one for violating South Dakota beverage laws after minors were caught drinking alcohol the weekend following Fajardo’s posting of a 10-thousand dollar bond. Fajardo is currently being held on a 150-thousand dollar bond at the Beadle County Jail.

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