De Smet Army Vet To Force Republican Primary In District 22 House Race

A retired U.S.Army and South Dakota National Guard Veteran with service time in Iraq has announced he wants to represent District 22 in the South Dakota House. Jay Slater is of two announced candidates running for the House from Kingsbury County, added to District 22 by way of redistricting. Slater’s from De Smet and says he’s had an interest in politics since high school…


Slater says edcuation would be one of many items he would focus on in Pierre…


With District 22’s new layout of Beadle and Kingsbury County following redistricting, Slater wants to make sure the areas outside of Huron are well represented…


The addition of Slater to the Republican side of the House race means a primary election will be held to decide which two Republican candiates will join Democrat Peggy Gibson on the Ballot in November. Huron Mayor Dave McGirr and Beadle County Commissioner Dick Werner will join Slater on the Primary ballot June 5th.  You can hear the full interview with Slater this Friday during Coffee Talk at 10 AM on 1340 KIJV.

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  1. Jay BK Slater

    There are now 5 candidates in the race for the 2 House seats in District 22. The most recent validation from Secretary of State, Jason Gant’s office is for former District 6 State Representative, Doug Kazmerzak of Erwin, SD in Kingsbury County, running on the Democratic ticket with Representative Peggy Gibson. There maybe additional candidates to be validated before the nomination process deadline tomorrow, 27 March. This is great news for the citizens of District 22 and will provide them with an opportunity to “rock the vote” both in 5th of June Primaries and the November elections. This is shaping up to be a great election year for constituents to exercise their right to vote. As long as the candidates focus on the issues concerning local constituents everyone should be able to look forward to a clean and positive race to encourage the election process instead of turning voters away in disgust and disappointment. I would like to see a town hall format where all the constituents can respond to citizens questions. As we have seen with national debate format, the debate process has developed into a muckraking forum the average citizen views with the same interest as reality TV shows and the true issues facing government are buried.


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