Liquor Licence Transfer Allows Wal-Mart To Sell Spirits Soon

The Huron City Commission approved the transfer of a package Off-Sale Liquor licence to Wal-Mart in Huron. The licence is being transferred from Mars Bar and Liquor on Lincoln Avenue across from the State Fairgrounds. Wal-Mart Store Manager Andy Pfister says the chain store wants to start selling spirits on site. Mayor Dave McGirr says an inspection by the city finance office indicated the area where the spirits will be sold meets all state laws and city ordinances. Finance Officer Paulynn Carey called the location in the store quote “a good location”. The City Commission unanimously approved the request. Wal-Mart can begin selling Off-Sale package liquor in 30 days. Also approved by the Commission is a retail On-Off Sale malt beverage license filed by Corner Pantry Casino at Chekkers in Huron.

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