COPS: Huron

Performance Radio News spent a part of Saturday night and Sunday morning on patrol with the Huron Police Department. Officer Mark Johnson was on D-U-I overtime enforcement during the night. After offering assistance for a driver who didn’t stop, Johnson locked on to a car doing 37 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone on Dakota Avenue…


After detecting alcohol on the driver, both came back to the squad car…


The driver ended up with a warning ticket. Johnson encountered a second, similar situation with a speeder later in the night. Right around closing time, Johnson was flagged down by a bar owner…


Being a less than a block away with other units in route, Johnson was first on scene…


Once back-up arrived the crowd was dispersed without further incident and the officers presence prevented anyone from going to jail. The night ended with a report of a fire alarm, which turned out to be false. The Huron Police Academy will be able to watch a surprise operation on Tuesday before week eight’s activities on Thursday. This week students will learn how officers address different situations by making mock traffic stops on their own.

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