White Powder "Not Harmful To Humans"

A Huron Implement dealer has been cleared to open after a package was delivered to Olsen implement. The contents of the package are in Pierre being examined at the State Health Lab. Beadle County Emergency Manager Tom Moeding says a fire department unit was dispatched  about 1 PM Thursday…


The material has not been completely identified but Moeding says it’s not hazardous to humans. The delivery truck has also been cleared to be picked up by the company Officials are withholding the name of the delivery company that dropped off the package Moeding says the State of South Dakota offered assistance…


Moeding says no one was affected by the power…


Moeding says Olsen Implement contacted the supplier, who said there should be nothing in the boxes but cultivator parts and packing paper, which is what stuck authorities as being odd. Moeding says workers could not describe odor given off by the powder saying it was like something they’ve never smelt before. We’ll have more information as it’s availble

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