Democrats Announce Nemec To Run For PUC Spot Against Nelson

South Dakota democrats filled out the fall ballot at their convention over the weekend in Aberdeen. Matt McGovern had previously announced he would seek the Public Utilities Commission seat now occupied by republican Kristie Fiegen.  To fill the other seat, now held by republican Chris Nelson, democrats nominated Nick Nemec of Holabird.  Nemec says he was interested in the race because of the bankruptcy of Anderson Grain in Redfield…

[audio:|titles=Nick Nemec 619a]

Anderson Grain contracted with a number of farmers for their sunflowers, and when they closed, the bond required to open was far short of the losses.  Nemec, a former legislator, says if elected, he would get the legislature more involved in grain handling requirements…

[audio:|titles=Nick Nemec 619b]

Nemec says the Anderson Grain failure is more than an ag issue…

[audio:|titles=Nick Nemec 619c]

Two PUC spots are on the ballot this year because the current holders were appointed by the Governor.

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