Parking Ordinances Get First Reading

After weeks of looking at traffic ordinances in Huron, the Huron City Commission took an initial swing at changes to make some of the provisions of those ordinances, similar to other cities across the state. Commissioner Kerwin Haeder says Huron currently allows the parking of a motorized vehicle on a street for 24 hours, yet a trailer could be parked for an indefinite amount of time, barring factors like snow alerts. One change puts trailers on the same timer as cars and trucks, at 24 hours. That mimicks what cities like Aberdeen, Mitchell and Watertown do, where the times vary from 24 to 96 hours. Aside from general language clean up, the big sticking point seems to be the parking of trucks. Commissioner Mark Robish…


Commissioner Dale Schneider says his understanding of the current ordinance is that trucks and trailers are one of the same…


Commissioner Kerwin Haeder says another area of concern is Market Avenue…


Other areas brought up in the discussion included Ohio Avenue near the Airport and Nevada near the State Fairgrounds. Mayor Dave McGirr wondered if it’s the city’s place to have an area for truck parking…


A number of changes are like for the ordinances second reading next week. The first reading of an ordinance that repeals a chapter on parking meters was also approved.

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