Bonds Set For Two Of Five Arrested Monday In Drug Raids

Bond is set for two of five people arrested Monday in four drug raids in Huron. Both Alex Maldonado and Corey Klanchnik  are charged with possession of a controlled substance. Both have also requested court-appointed council. Bond for Maldonado is set at 10-thousand dollars cash or surety. Beadle County Deputy States Attorney Jeff Banks says Maldonado has minimal ties to Huron. He’s been employed at Van Dkye’s in Woonsocket for about a month and before that Raven Aerostar for three years. Klanchnik is unemployed and the mother of five children. When asked by Judge Jon Erickson when she was employed last, she said she didn’t know. She’s been in the Huron area nearly 15 years and her children have been with her mother since her Monday arrest. She was released from the Beadle County Jail on a Personal Recognizance Bond. Banks had requested Klanchnik be held on a 10-thousand dollar bond. Three others arrested have not made court appearances. The arrests made Monday are part of an ongoing drug investigation by the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation.

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