Huron's Gibson Among Those Commenting At 85 Octane Hearing

A legislative committee could not agree on any new rules that would allow the sale of 85 octane gas in South Dakota.  The Rules Review Committee had several three to three votes on  four different proposals, which meant all of them failed. The state has warned that if the sale is not allowed, gas shortages could follow. The lower octane gas has been sold in areas west of Wall for many years.  Senator Mike Vehle of Mitchell said he didn’t want to risk fuel shortages over a proposed warning label on gas pumps…

[audio:|titles=Mike Vehle 814]

 Representative Peggy Gibson of Huron said she wants the state to do more to protect consumers from lower octane gas…

[audio:|titles=Peggy Gibson 814]

Senator Jean Hunhoff of Yankton said the rules could potentially shut down some gas retailers…

[audio:|titles=Jean Hunhoff 814]

 The committee will move discussion of the issue to their September meeting, but the date will be moved up a week so any action will take place before emergency rules expire in October.

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