Fajardo Guilty On All Charges

Guilty on all charges. That is the verdict rendered by a Beadle County jury after nearly three hours of deliberations in the rape trial of Werner Fajardo. Beadle County States Attorney Mike Moore is pleased with the that all eight charges came back guilty…


Fajardo was found guilty of First Degree Rape, three counts of Third Degree Rape, two counts of Fourth Degree Rape, and a single count each of sexual contact with a person incapable of consent and violating South Dakota alcoholic beverage laws. Fajardo was also charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, a charge Judge Jon Erickson dismissed…


Fajardo’s attorney Carmen Means tried to highlight the inconsistencies with the three victim’s stories….


Fajardo was originally charged with 15 counts, one of those was dismissed by the judge, so what happen to the other six?…


Moore says a second criminal file stemming from the night Huron police did a compliance check at the El Cuervo bar and found minors drinking alcohol the week after his initial arrest is being dismissed…


Judge Erickson has ordered a pre-sentence investigation. As a formality, Fajardo’s 150-thousand dollar bond has been revoked. Fajardo stayed very quite and showed little emotion during the three-day trial. He did frequently lean over to consult with his attorney. He was shackled immediately by Beadle County Sheriff Doug Solem, to be taken to jail.

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