City Commission OK's Red Light Near Middle School

A single red light will get buses on the move safer from this location behind the Vo Tech building

The Huron City Commission has given approval to the Huron School District to install a solar-powered single lamp traffic light near the Huron Middle School on 18th Street. Huron School District Transportation Director Rex Sawvell says the idea behind placing the light is to safely expedite buses leaving the transfer area, where students from the country, transfer on to buses that will take them to the proper school….


Mayor Dave McGirr asked if the signal would have more than just the red light. Sawvell says no. McGirr wondered if people would be aware of a light suddenly changing to red….


Commissioner Mark Robish says the light could end up saving time for parents and students alike…


The light would only be used in the morning and afternoons at approximately 7:45 AM and 3:25 PM. The Huron School District is purchasing the solar-powered light system.

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