Huron PD Crusiers Win National Design Award

The Huron Police Department’s Dodge Charges are some of the best looking in the Nation. Huron Police Chief Gary Will, Jr. says Law and Order Magazine puts on the International Police Vehicle Design Contest….


The Huron police car design was entered into the Municipal, 10 to 50 Officers West category, which Will says has the largest number of eligible departments. Over 500 agencies submitted their designs…


Everything about the award-winning design is local…


The classic black and white look is obtained through graphics and not paint…


The photos submitted to Law and Order magazine were taken in the parking lot at Ravine Lake near Putters and Scoops. Will says the current winning design will stay with the cars for some time, althought some adjustments were made to fit the body line contours of departments newest 2012 and 2013 Dodge Chargers. A photo of the winning design and judges comments can be seen in the August issue of Law and Order magazine.

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