Beadle County Encourages Signing Up For Nixle Alerts

The severe weather season is still a few months out but emergency officials in Beadle County want residents to consider signing up for the county’s Nixle program now. Beadle County Emergency Manager Tom Moeding says the county set-up a Nixle account about a year ago…


Moeding says you can go to the County’s website to sign up…


Moeding says Nixle offers upgraded services for a fee. The basic free Nixle will sent messages to your cell phone by text message or an e-mail. Moeding says its a good way to get important information, fast….


Nixle will not send spam or ads to your phone or inbox. It offers three categories of notifications, community, advisory and alerts, which are the most time sensitive. Moeding says Nixle is separate from what the City of Huron offers for a personal notification system, but those signing up for the Beadle County Nixle account will get only announcements from officials within the county.  To sign up for Nixle alerts from Beadle County click on the link here and scroll to the bottom of the page:

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