Dakota Provisions Signs IMAGE Agreement

A Huron turkey processing plant has become the first business in South Dakota to join the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Mutual Agreement between Government and Employer or IMAGE program. Dakota Provisions President and C-E-O Ken Rutledge…


Ed Pollock is Assistant Special Agent in Charge with Homeland Security Investigations, Northern District in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He says I-C-E working with companies to foster employer self-compliance is what IMAGE is all about….


Pollock says meeting the provisions of the IMAGE program is tough…


The process of enrolling in the IMAGE program is proof Dakota Provision has not engaged in illegal hiring practices…


Chairman of the Board for Dakota Provisions Jeff Sveen says being a part of the IMAGE program will help them continue to employ a legal workforce…


ICE officials declined to say if other South Dakota companies are looking into or are attempting to also enroll in the IMAGE program.

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