Damaged Reported To Newly Placed Military Statues

They’ve been in place hardly a week, and already damage has been reported to enhancements made at the Beadle County Veteran’s Memorial. Police received a report Friday of the gun barrel being broken off of the United States Marine Corps statue. The Marine Corps statue is one of seven put in place as part of an enhancement project to make the Veteran’s Memorial in Huron more recognizable to people passing by. The 2012-2013 Leadership Huron Class raised over 28-thousand dollars to go toward the project and specifically raised funds for the statues. A wall featuring Beadle County veteran’s names is also planned for the location at Third Street and Wisconsin Avenue near the Huron Municipal Building. Public Information Officer Sergeant Brandon Neitzert says the barrel of the gun was recovered and a repair may be possible. Police are unsure if the damage was an accident or intentional vandalism. Neitzert added that the Park and Recreation Department is looking into possibly placing a camera that would be focused on the Veteran’s Memorial, the would feed video to the nearby police dispatch center, so dispatchers could keep an eye on the Memorial area. The view of the Veteran’s memorial on video cameras currently on the Huron Municipal Building are right now blocked by trees on the property. The statues were installed at the Memorial on June 21st.


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  1. Nita Walter

    I cannot believe the unrespectfulness people have when they damage stuff that isn’t theirs. These statues mean alot to people who have lost loved ones and friends in wars. I am all for putting video cameras up to catch these people and PUNISH them.


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