Quick Meeting For City Commission Monday Night

Nine minutes flat. That is all the time the Huron City Commission needed Monday night to get through a brief five item agenda. The Commission had visitors last night. Scott Pitak is the Scout Master for Boy Scout Troop 222…


Commissioners approved the annual joint funding agreement with the U-S Geological Survey for operation and maintenance of the Redfield aging station on the James River. Commissioner Dale Schneider says is the last one before Huron on the river…


The Commission also approved a resolution that allows the Huron Rural Community Firetruck Association to continue for the next five years to lease space for fire trucks at the north and south fire stations. Commissioners also approved restricting the use of funds received for the city’s Capital Contribution to the Central Park project. Schneider told the Commission the money to be restricted is contingency money set aside during the construction of Central Park…


As a part of the New Market Tax Credit financing used to build Splash Central and Central Park, the City of Huron is leasing the area from Central Park, L-L-C which is associated with the Greater Huron Development Corporation. The City of Huron will use the former contingency funds to make lease payments until those funds are expended. The city will eventually have to budget lease payments until Central Park L-L-C dissolves and the park becomes city property. The Huron City Commission also approved the hiring of an Experience Works employee for the Huron Public Library.  

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