Jackley Clears EB-5 Air

South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley used an interview in Huron recently to clarify some of the numerous facets of the investigation in the failure of an Aberdeen beef plant and the death of a former state economic development official. Jackley says for investigators to have some how covered up the inquiry into the death of Richard Benda too many people would have to have been in on any alleged cover up…


Jackley says the Attorney General’s office investigated possible fraud by Benda and sent a letter to Governor Dennis Daugaard, outlining that investigation….


Jackley says the original investigation in to Benda’s activities unveiled the additional diversion of $550-thousand dollars….


Much of the information the public wants to know is Grand Jury information and Jackley says there are few avenues available for him to release that….


Jackley believes as the case plays out and more information is released that people will realize the initial investigation was done appropriately.

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