Malone Pleads Guilty To Northstar Robbery


NorthStarPhotoOne of two men charged in the staged armed robbery of a Huron convenience store earlier this year is changing his plea to guilty. Twenty-seven year old Sidney Malone Jr. changed his plea to guilty on a single charge of Grand Theft, a Class five felony, that could get Malone up to five years in prison and a 10-thousand dollar fine. Malone and 26-year old Donnell Williams are accused of setting up what appeared to be an armed robbery. Both men were employed at the Northstar Corner Pantry store on the north end of Huron. Williams is accused of bringing a handgun into the store and pointing it at Malone on January 29th. Malone admitted when making his plea to taking over 31-hundred dollars during the burglary. Malone’s attorney Doug Kludt noted to the court that Malone has been cooperative with law enforcement during the investigation. Judge Jon Erickson ordered a pre-sentence investigation but a sentencing date remains pending. Malone is currently out of jail, on bond and the judge ordered that bond continue. As for Williams, he was scheduled for a trial June 26th on charges of Grand Theft and Commission of a Felony with a Firearm. That trial has been continued but a new trial date for the Cavour man has not been set.


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