City Commission To Challenge Shortest Meeting Ever With Two Item Agenda


City CommissionThe Huron City Commission is holding their regular weekly meeting tonight and might just surpass the shortest meeting they have ever held. The Commission has on its agenda consideration of the consent agenda and consideration of a payment request for the Huron Aquatic Center project. The consent agenda has six items, all of which can be approved as one action. Any one of those items could be removed for further discussion. The Huron City Commission meeting on May 12th 2014 lasted four-minutes and 25-seconds. Previous to that, the shortest meeting was five-minutes 41-seconds. During the May 12th meeting, four items, including the consent agenda were considered by the Commission with one items being removed for consideration at a future meeting. There are no scheduled executive or work sessions for the Huron City Commission who will meet, briefly, tonight at 5;30 PM at the Huron Municipal Building. The meeting is open to the public.


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