Huron Police Investigate Graffiti Vandalism


Graffiti VandalsHuron police are hoping the public can guide them to the individuals responsible for vandalizing a number of businesses and other features in Southeast Huron…


Huron Police Public Information Officer Sarah Bowen (BOW-in) says police don’t believe actual gang members caused the defacings…


The vandals also struck a sign marking the future home of the Glide and Slide warming shelter in Prospect Park.   The shelter happened to be the class project for the 2013-2014 Leadership Huron class…


Class Vice President Tori White says class members installed the sign just days before the spray can attack. The sign was donated by First Class Designs of Huron and is valued at around 350 dollars. White says they plan to clean the sign and reinstall it in the park.  Anyone with information regarding the graffiti vandalism is asked to contact Huron Police at 353-8550.



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