PUC Takes Input On Pipeline In Iroquois

Dakota Access Iro. HearingThe South Dakota Public Utilities Commission took input, questions and comments during a public hearing on the proposed Dakota Access pipeline Thursday. The pipeline would transport crude oil from the Bakken region of North Dakota to refineries in the Chicago area. The P-U-C held hearings in Bowdle and Redfield Wednesday and Iroquois and Sioux Falls Thursday. After a nearly three-hour hearing in Iroquois, Commissioner Chris Nelson says they are getting a sense of common themes for people interested in the project…


Nelson says the P-U-C must remain unbiased as the listen to wide ranging testimony. He says some comments may play a role in establishing conditions, if they choose to grant a permit….


Around 100 people attended the mid-day hearing and Nelson says he appreciates people taking part…


The Dakota Access pipeline is projected to take one-third of Bakken oil production off the nation’s rail system. The majority of the pipeline will be 30 inch pipe and will have a pump station located in Spink County.

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