Parcels Of Southtown Addition Likely Headed To Auction

Pagel SwansonA select number of parcels within the Southtown Addition are going to the auction block in March. The large tract of land on the south side of Huron took up much of the 90 minutes Huron City Commissioners spent meeting Monday night. City Attorney Jeff Banks laid out for the Commission the latest progress on getting the property sold and back on the tax rolls…


The Commission approved a plat filed by the City establishing additional lots south of 26th Street and the first reading of an ordinance that would re-zone the parcels to one family, two family or town home residential to allow for multi-family housing. Local realtor Pat Kisley wondered about how the land would be sold…


City Finance Officer Paullyn Carey says the suggestion to auction the block of newly platted lots along 26th Street was one of many options the auctioneer could select for selling the property. Residential lots on the south and east sides of the Southtown Sub-division are likely to be sold at auction for around 15-thousand dollars. Larger lots along Idaho could go for approximately 40 to 50-thousand. An appraisal committee has not made a formal recommendation on the value of the lots.

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